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A fresh Welcome to New Visitors like the members of the Blandford Business Club who met me this week!

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The thINKpen® – ThINKproductively

With a simple four colour pen, you can create a revolutionary approach to thinking…

…an approach as productive and impactful as the four colour process has been for printing.


This is a LAMY 2000 4bp Multi-colour ballpoint pen

It is our choice as the flagship of the thINKpen fleet

elegant engineering for eloquent erudition

designed by Gerd A. Müller

Image © Lamy


Blue Ink is for Training to Realise Your Potential
Go from Techniques to Transformation
with our Productivity Programme
The Productivity Programme is delivered through
training, coaching, and exclusive executive mentoring


Red Ink means Time for Action
Move from being Time-Trapped to Time-Freedom with our Productivity Time System
– you’ll get more done in less time with less stress
and way more satisfaction


Green Iink is for TalentTeam and Tribe
Yes you can move from discovering your unique Talent on to recruiting and developing your Flow Team, but it doesn’t stop there!
You can learn to attract and enthuse your Tribe –
those amazing people who share your Vision and Mission
and value belonging to your Tribe


Black Ink is ‘The Business’ – the Tech side
Harness Technology and Techniques to set up systems that free up your time to work in more often in your flow,
and thus to work ‘on’ the business  – not necessarily ‘in’ the business
Build what Dan Sullivan calls a ‘Self-Managing Company’

One Pen To Produce Prosperity

Imagine having your own Master Mind Board of Directors at your fingertips, ready to accelerate your productivity, your profitability, and your prosperity so that you can leave a legacy to be proud of.

  • Mr Blue Sky, with the power to create, innovate, and produce novel solutions to the problems your customer are facing
  • Lady in Red, the down-to-Earth, Practical Pragmatist, fixing all the problems and producing solutions on time and in budget
  • The Green Guru, the Tribal Leader discovering and developing Talent whilst creating know, like, and trust with team-members, customers, suppliers, and your community
  • Professor Black, the Scientist – developing the systems to automate your success as you build towards a company that works without you and earns money for you in your sleep

You Can Use ThINKpen For More!

Your 4-Colour Pen can be used to create a well-balanced and productive approach to any thinking task.

Four colours can become a code for all manner of productive applications.

Here are some examples to get you thinking…


Stephen R Covey said, “Begin with the end in mind.”  Use your Red ink to state clearly the intended solution.  Click on your Black ink and take note of the facts you know and the ones that need deeper investigation.  Switch to Blue ink and sketch out alternatives, options, ideas – your Blue Sky thinking.  Activate your empathy with Green ink: how do you feel about these options?  What are the ups and downs of the proposed pathways to the desired solution?


Want to make better-considered decisions?  Get out your thINKpen® and pump some ink!  Get those facts about your current situation out on paper in your best Black ink.  Ask yourself what you would prefer – outlining the outcome in Red ink.  Create alternative possibilities with your Blue (Sky) ink.  Then test each alternative for how you feel about it, capturing those intuitive insights with your Green ink.  Where Black and Red and Blue and Green agree – that’s the path for you and me!


Imagine the perfect day!  You’ve created some new options to develop and grow your business (Blue ink).  You’ve strengthened your relationships with key clients and colleagues (Green ink).  You’ve dealt authoritatively with those processes that needed improving and finishing (Black ink).  And you’ve delivered on those promised goals you set at the beginning of the day (Red ink).  Mapping out your day, week, and month with equal attention given to growth, relationships, process improvement, and promised results delivered is a great way to master your time.


Sometimes you need a coach, sometimes you need a mentor.  With a thINKpen, you can flex your leadership style to meet the needs of those you are leading.  If they are lacking in both competence and confidence, take a bold Red style – spelling out the ABC of how to get the results you want.  As their confidence builds, go Blue, showing them the possibilities before them – building their trust as you strengthen the relationship.  When they are ready to go solo, be ready to ease up on the mentoring and put on your Green Coach’s Cap – giving them all the relationship support they need to become both confident and competent.  Finally, when you think they don’t need you any more, get out that Black ink and review their progress together – facts, figures, targets, and performance measurement.


It’s all very well covering the page with Blue ink – all those beautiful possibilities – but will they work?  Begin with Blue and unleash the art of possibility.  Then get that Black ink out and come up with as many ways as possible for every idea to fail!  Go back to Blue and solve all those obstacles!  Back in Black, critically appraise the ideas most likely to succeed.  Green ink test your feelings about the options on the table.  Having decided on the option to pursue first, map out the next physical action steps in robust Red ink!  Then go do it!


Black ink can be used to record your research.  What are people really seeking?  What problems can you solve?  What pain can you alleviate?  Any successful marketing strategy must consider and then understand the target audience – using Green ink to describe your customer avatar.  Use your Blue ink to create a campaign that will grab that avatar’s attention, court their interest, inflame their desire, and provoke them to take action.  Then get the steps in order with your Red ink, and just do it.

If You’d Like To Be More Productive…

…get in touch with Lex who can train, coach, and mentor you through how to make the most of your mind and develop a self-managing company that is productive, profitable, and prosperous.

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