Every single one of our Entrepreneurial services (under the umbrella of “Entertrainment Ltd”) support Buy One; Give One.

B1G1 is an organisation committed to making positive, transformational impacts around the world.  100% of what we give to B1G1 projects go to the projects.  Our membership fee covers the cost to the organisation to make this happen.  There are hundreds of well curated and accountable projects around the globe, so we have been able to pick projects that are in keeping with our products or services.

For example, if you invest in our video services (www.silicon.cafe) we pay this forward through funding restorative eye-care in India.

If you buy our “Postcards on Purpose” – we, in turn, use some of those funds to plant trees where they are most needed.

If you invest in one of our training events, you may have guessed already, we likewise invest in education for those who cannot afford it themselves.